What Will You Do Once You’re Pain-Free?

Our mission at New Era Medicine, PLLC, is “to restore and optimize life”.

Because you are more then an organ or a body part, we evaluate not only the problem, but look at how it affects your life. The goal of rehabilitation medicine is to help restore function and return your life as much as possible, to normal.

We explore every treatment option. We draw from both traditional medicine as well as alternative therapies to develop an individualized treatment plan. If you are suffering from pain, tingling, numbness, weakness or other nerve or muscle related complaint, your doctor may refer you for an EMG. While this test is somewhat uncomfortable, it provides valuable information and is important in many cases for treatment decisions. This study is performed by our physician who will explain every step and do their best to put you at ease with her gentle approach.

We are able to evaluate, diagnose and treat their ailments, keeping you informed of your progress at every step along the way. We incorporate both traditional medicine practices with evidence-based alternative therapies to provide patients with the optimum, individualized treatment plan.

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